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Loyalty System

Loyalty System

Paper loyalty cards are history, say hello to your new loyalty system conveniently tucked into your phones wallet. If you haven’t yet, download the new loyalty pass for free:

iPhone users:

Android users:

or by scanning the QR code on this page!


For iPhone users:

  1. Open camera
  2. Hold the device’s camera up to the QR code
  3. The device will automatically recognize the QR code and provide you with an on-screen notification
  4. Tap the notification to be taken to your ShakeTastic Loyalty sign up
  5. Enter your details and click join ShakeTastic
  6. Your personal loyalty card should be created. IMPORTANT Click the “ADD” sign in the top right hand corner. This will save your loyalty card to your smart wallet where you can access it to view offers at any time

For Android users:

  1. Download the Wallet Passes app from the Play Store
  2. Open Wallet Passes and click the “+” sign in the top right hand corner to add a new pass
  3. Hold the device’s camera up to the QR code
  4. The device will automatically recognize the QR code and take you to the ShakeTastic loyalty sign up page
  5. Enter your details and click join ShakeTastic
  6. Your personal loyalty card should be created. This will save your loyalty card to Wallet Passes where you can access it to view offers at any time

No more cards to carry around and loose and no more stamps in shops. Your new loyalty pass is with you at all times. Simply scan the pass at the till on every visit to earn points. Every point is worth a penny or 100 points = £1, whichever way you look at it 🙂 Then use the collected points for money off your purchases in store, simple.

Now here’s the best bit, collecting points is quick and easy and we’ve still got the colour system you know and love. Start off on the red pass and collect 4 points for every full £1 spent. Collect up to 250 points and your pass will automatically turn bronze whereby you will now earn 5 points for every full £1 spent. It gets even better, keep collecting points and the higher you go the quicker you earn. So when you hit 550 points you become a silver pass holder and will collect 6 points for every full £1 spent. 950 points will turn you gold and earn you 7 points for every full £1 spent, 1450 points will earn you black pass status and 8 points for every full £1 spent and the true heroes of you will reach platinum status by collecting 2050 points or above earning you a whopping 9 points for every full £1 you spend!! Redeem your points anytime as long as you have enough for the full price of your purchase by swapping points for the money value off. When the points are used they will come off your total and you may fall back to the previous colour pass but don’t worry they will soon rack up again. The savey of you will notice the longer you hold onto the points, the more you will earn to then really take advantage to some major money off in stores!

You will also from time to time receive notifications with special offers where you can earn extra points and receive free treats along the way like free toppings and discounts on various drinks at various times. Recommend the pass to a friend to bump up your points and their points! You can even earn points by simply adding your email address to the pass.

So what are you waiting for?! Download the free pass, and start collecting in stores now.

Please note the following:

Points cannot be used for deliveries and are collected in store only.

You can use your current loyalty cards up to the 31st October 2019, when after this date they, including the platinum cards, will not be accepted. Between now and then you may collect stamps on your paper cards so as you can fill them and use them but you will not be given the next colour paper card up.

You are advised to start the new system now but we encourage you to use your paper cards up as well before 31st October 2019. You will not be able to collect points as well as stamps so use up the paper ones now and be ready to move to the new system. You may find you are better off just starting the new system now.

After 31st October 2019 paper cards will not be accepted or platinum cards in any store.

Some franchise stores and concession stores may not accept the new loyalty system, please check before your purchase.

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