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Deliveries, Vegans, Heart Beat & TikTok vs Linkedin

Hey ShakeTastic fam, how are you? How is 2020 treating you so far?! For us it has been a great start to the year. We have hired a number of new members of staff with some receiving promotions as they show commitment to the business and I would like to highlight and introduce Garry to the family who has been recruited to empower and re design the Hamleys team. Garry will be managing ShakeTastic and our coffee shop, tZing! inside Hamleys on Regent Street and in a short space of time has already smashed all expectations. Garry is highly experienced in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and has in the past had his own business of similar nature. With new menu offerings for both departments, a fresh angle to training and logistics changes, Garry’s impression has already been felt! We welcome Garry and wish him all the best in his new role!

Now listen, there is no way you can leave your house without some form of Veganism jumping out at you, and quite rightly so… Vegan options are now a must and although we have had a vegan shake for a while, I’m pleased to say we are currently working away on a new menu which will have 7 exclusive vegan drinks on it! Stay tuned!

Radlett has finally joined the shops who deliver! If there was one question we are repeatedly asked, its when will Radlett deliver and finally we can say it does! Deliveroo and Uber both failed this location and Just Eat has taken the area by the horns as we are using them to facilitate your orders. So if you are in the Radlett vicinity, you can now have your favourite ShakeTastic delivered fresh to your door via Just Eat!

TikTok, well what can we say…. if you’re not using it then you must be living in a cave! We have succumb to the pressure and pleased to say after doing so a few days ago, our 3rd TikTok went viral!!!!! At last check it was on 102.2k views in just 2 days!! Join in the fun with us and follow @shaketastic_ on TikTok (yes, thats an underscore at the end. Some cleverdick took @shaketastic. If you know who they are…. warn them, we’re coming for them 🙂

With Valentines around the corner we think of the ways in which you can show your partner what they mean to you and nothing says I love you like a milkshake! Enter…. Heart Beat. Now this shake is pure nostalgia. If you like the old fashioned Drumstick flavour then this shake is for you! Drumsticks with Love Hearts on top and priced as a Recommendation this time, its great value too!

For the business people among you we are offering one more territory this quarter so if you’d like to follow in the foot steps of Ricky and the success of the Hemel Hempstead franchise opening, then please get in touch via the dedicated franchise website www.shaketasticfranchising.com

There is further info on our Linkedin Company Page & I’d encourage you to click follow https://www.linkedin.com/company/2367796/admin/

For regular updates, offers, promotions & general banter follow us on insta @shaketastic we are on all the other platforms but to be honest if you use snapchat or twitter then you can search us up there!
Until next time, keep drinking what you’re thinking…. Josh

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