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We’re now in Barnet Baby, Shakers got Skillzzzzz and Give us a Name!!

We’re super happy here at ShakeTastic because we’ve just opened the doors to our 11th store at 150 High Street, Barnet.

Not only are we bringing the great taste of our shakes and smoothies to the good people of the town but we’re going to open our head office and Top Secret training centre, the ShakeAcademy there too.

Yeah that’s right the delicious drinks our Shakers mix up especially for you take time, talent and training to get perfect.

In fact the reason why you guys can keep drinking what you’re thinking is that our guys have the skills to make a great shake.

But we also have a mini dilemma. Our head office doesn’t have a name.

We can’t just call it the head office because let’s face it that’s lame and boring.

So we need you guys to help.

What do you think the beating heart of ShakeTastic should be called?

We’ll give the winner a £20 drinks voucher as a thank you if we choose your idea.

Drop us a line via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email us with your idea and the winner will be announced on October 10th via our social media channels.

Until next time keep drinking what you’re thinking and stay safe, healthy and happy.

Josh and Amir

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