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New Love, New Menu

Its all about new right now and as we said last time Valentines is nearly here and our new menu has landed!
Starting now and through until 15th Feb you can enjoy 2 Valentine Shakes with one being half price! The idea is you two love birds (or you can pretend, we won’t judge) come in together and purchase the Artful, sorry, Heartful Dodger Shake, a delicious recipe of Jamie Dodgers, more Jamie Dodgers, topped with erm, Jamie Dodgers and a dollop of Jam! I bet you never realised how good a Jamie Dodger shake is, well now you have no excuse to try it and we reckon it will be your new favourite…
The new menu is our best yet with some tweaks to the recipes of some juices to make them even better, the introduction of our Smoothie Bowls (we talked about last blog so you better know), a new Madame Tussauds Shake, exclusive to our Madame Tussauds store which includes Special Stardust, a few new options like swapping for coconut milk and introducing Bottomings! What are Bottomings we hear you say?! Well whats a topping? you can work out the rest, right? Basically our favourite at the moment is crushed oreos at the bottom of your shake as just when you think its nearly all over, you get a little last minute fix of yumminess, perfection! try it now we have loads of bottomings…. cheeky!
Insta Likes is a new shake with Curly Wurly blended with Rolos, extra malt, yum! and toffee sauce round the cup and on top! This ones really good but honestly our favourite new shake of the week is Stay Puft. Inspired by the almighty Stay Puft Marshmallow Man of the 80’s classic Ghostbusters, Stay Puft is a double helping of Fluff! topped with whipped cream, simple but delicious, try it!
That new shop is almost ready and none of you have guessed its location right yet so theres a gift voucher for the first to guess correctly coming your way, just reply to the blog with your location guess…
Until next time, keep drinking whatever it is you are thinking
Josh & Amir
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