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This is how we bowl…

Party people, how we doin? It seems like ages since we blogged because 2018 has already been a crazy busy year so far! Hope you haven’t given up on your new year resolutions already and to keep you balanced we’ve introduced our new smoothie bowls which are packed with super fruits, super seeds and protein! Not only are they super healthy but they can also satisfy all our beautiful and growing vegan customers as you have the option to swap the semi skimmed milk for coconut milk or soya – boom! If you can’t brave the wind and rain you can get them delivered on Deliveroo along with the rest of our goodies. We also have Sweet Cups now available at all stores, find them by the till. Guess what they’re a cup full of sweets! Perfect little grab and go or treat for a mate. They are full to the brim with your favourite retro sweets, marshmallows, flying saucers & more!
We have a new store opening in the very near future which we shall reveal next time but if you guess right by replying to this blog post we will send the first correct winner a new sweet cup or gift voucher!
With Valetnines just around the corner and a new menu on its way theres actually a lot of new things to look forward to.
And before we go if you really are a party person then you’ll love our pop up bars that can be set up anywhere for your event or have your party in our dedicated party room in Barnet with packages starting from as little as £350 including your shakes, DJ and more!
Until next time keep drinking whatever it is your thinking!
Josh & Amir
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